UNTAPPED HOSTEL is a small hostel located in Sapporo City.

The building was once an eel restaurant. We fully renovated it ourselves turning it
into a warm and cozy space filled with features of Hokkaido.
On the 1st floor of UNTAPPED HOSTEL is a restaurant called “GOHANYA HARUYA” that is well known by locals.

Upper floors have dorms, an individual room, a room with a balcony and a shared kitchen.
The location of the hostel is convenient and fun with easy access to Sapporo station,
Hokkaido University and various other facilities.

We hope that UNTAPPED HOSTEL will be the perfect place for guests to begin their journey exploring untapped parts of Hokkaido and also exchanging vibrant information.

We look forward to seeing you here in Sapporo!


UNTAPPED = Unlimited Potential
This is the idea that the name of our hostel carries.
“UNTAPPED” means “undiscovered… never seen before.”
We want our guests to feel the incredible potential of this land known as Hokkaido.
By traveling to Hokkaido, we want this undiscovered world to be opened up for all those who gather here.
This was the reason we decided on the name UNTAPPED HOSTEL.

Here in Sapporo, a place that strikes a balance between city and nature, those with curiosity can find a variety of experiences throughout the four seasons. Composed of two buildings—one main building and an annex—UNTAPPED HOSTEL is constantly changing in an effort to be a place where just spending the night itself is an unforgettable experience.

Come to Hokkaido, meet new people and discover new things…

The Story of How UNTAPPED HOSTEL Came to Be
We wanted to create a place to stay that combined the elation one feels when traveling with the warmth of having a home. In order to make that dream a reality, roughly 10 years were spent in preparation before UNTAPPED HOSTEL opened in 2014. This hostel is made what it is by the unforgettable encounters we have—not only with those from Sapporo and other places in Hokkaido—but occasionally with those from overseas and all over Japan, as well as the time we share here.
Our hope is to be a place where everyone can find wonderful encounters.
Teruya Jin

○ Check-in is from 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Check-out is at 11:00 AM. If you think you may be late, please contact us at 011-788-4579.
○ After check-in, you may come and go freely at any time of day, but if you will be returning late at night, we ask that you please be considerate of other guests.
Please use cash or credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express).
*Not applicable when paying in advance.
◎Long term discount
Please contact us via e-mail or SNS if you would consider long term staying.

●Face towel … 100 yen
●Bath towel … 200 yen
●Hot water bottle (for winter only) … Free

●T-shaped razor … 100 yen
●Toothbrush … 100 yen
●In-house slippers … 200 yen
●Ear plug … free

[use of washing machine]
●Washing only … 200 yen
●Washing + drying … 400 yen


●Set (2 towels lending + toothbrush) … 300 yen

Facility Accommodation Policy
Article 1 (Scope)
All accommodation agreements and associated agreements entered into by and between UNTAPPED HOSTEL (hereinafter, “FACILITY”) and its customers shall be subject to the provisions set forth herein and in the companion Terms of Service. Matters not provided for herein shall be subject to laws and generally established practices.
The preceding clause notwithstanding, special covenants concluded by FACILITY shall take precedence over this Accommodation Policy granted that such covenant does not violate any laws or conventions.

Article 2 (Registration)
Customers shall register the following information at FACILITY’s reception on the date of their visit:
​​1) Name, address, contact information, arrival date, departure date
​​2) For foreign nationals: nationality and passport number
​​3) Matters otherwise deemed necessary by FACILITY

Article 3 (FACILITY responsibilities)
In the event damage is incurred by a customer as the result of FACILITY’s performance of the Service Agreement or related agreements, or due to the non-performance thereof, FACILITY shall indemnify the customer for such damages. Provided, however, that this does not apply for reasons not attributable to FACILITY.

​Section 4 (Customer responsibilities)
If FACILITY incurs any damages due to a customer, either through willful intent or as the result of negligence, the customer shall indemnify FACILITY for the damages.

​Article 5 (Handling of deposited articles, etc.)
​​1. Damages including the loss or destruction of articles, valuables, or cash deposited by customers at the front desk for safekeeping shall be compensated, excepting cases in which such damages arise from force majeure events or if there is willful intent or gross negligence on the part of FACILITY. Provided, however, that for items lacking a clear report of type and cost from customers in advance, such damages shall be capped at ¥10,000, excepting cases in which there is willful intent or gross negligence on the part of FACILITY.
​​2. FACILITY shall compensate damages including the loss or destruction of articles, valuables, or cash brought into FACILITY by customers and not deposited at the front desk for safekeeping if such damages are attributable to FACILITY. Provided, however, that for items lacking a clear report of type and cost from customers in advance, such damages shall be capped at ¥10,000, excepting cases in which there is willful intent or gross negligence on the part of FACILITY.

​​第6条(利用客Article 6 (Storage of customer luggage and/or personal belongings)
​​1. Handling of luggage shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.
     2. When sending luggage to FACILITY prior to accommodation, FACILITY shall only store such luggage if FACILITY receives and accepts notification thereof prior to the arrival of the luggage.
​​3. Following checkout, FACILITY will hold luggage and/or personal effects left behind by customers for two weeks, including the date on which the items are found. Provided, however, that valuables shall be delivered immediately to the nearest police station. FACILITY shall dispose of food, beverages, and magazines at its own discretion if not contacted by the customer the day of checkout.
​​4. In order to properly handle luggage and personal effects that have been left behind according to the nature of the contents thereof, FACILITY reserves the right to perform inspections of the contents at its own discretion and return the items to the owner or handle the luggage and/or personal effects pursuant to the preceding clause as necessary. Customers shall not be entitled to object to such inspections.
​​5. With respect to the storage of customer luggage and/or personal effects pertaining to Clause 1, Clause 2, and Clause 3, FACILITY shall be responsible for indemnifying damages up to ¥10,000 excepting cases in which there is willful intent or gross negligence on the part of FACILITY.

​Article 7 (Handling of luggage while using bathing facilities)
​​1. When using the bathing facilities, customers shall make sure to lock the inside lock of the dressing area and shall be personally responsible for safeguarding their valuables (cash included; the same applies hereinafter) and room key.
​​2. FACILITY bears no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred as the result of theft or unauthorized access of the room key by a third party due to failure to comply with Clause 1, such as leaving the inside lock of the dressing area unlocked while bathing.

Terms of Service
​◎​Matters to abide by for fire prevention
​1. Please refrain from using heating, cooking, or other similar appliances in guest rooms.
​​2. Smoking is prohibited in guest rooms and anywhere outside of the designated smoking areas.
​​3. Please otherwise refrain from using items that may cause fire, including fireworks, incense, and candles.

◎​Matters to abide by for safety
​1. Emergency evacuation routes from guest rooms are displayed on the inside of the doors in guest rooms. Please check the evacuation route for your room.
​​2. Please refrain from meeting with visitors inside guest rooms.

1. Please refrain from bringing items that may be a nuisance to other customers on the facility such as:
​​a) Dogs, cats, birds, or any other animal and/or pet.
​​b) Highly flammable or combustible explosives and volatile oils or any dangerous products.
​​c) Items that emit unpleasant odors.
​​d) Unlicensed firearms, swords, etc.
​​e) Significantly large quantities of items.
​​f) Other items whose possession is prohibited by law.
​​2. Please refrain from bringing food or beverage beyond a reasonable limit in terms of amount and/or content into the guest rooms, even if the food and beverages were either distributed by FACILITY or purchased by the guest.
​​3. Please refrain from betting and engaging in any activities that may disturb the peace or damage public moral, any activities that may evoke feelings of disgust in or bother other customers such as solicitation, sexual advances, or lewd behavior on the premises, or any other activities that may run contrary to the public order and morals.
​​4. The use of guest rooms by anyone other than the registered user(s) is strictly prohibited.
​​5. Please refrain from using the guest rooms and lobby for business activities, as an office, or for any reason other than the intended purpose.
​​6. Please refrain from distributing or posting advertisements or promotional material, selling goods, or other similar activities on the premises.
​​7. Please refrain from using any equipment or amenities on the premises outside of their designated locations or for unintended purposes, and please refrain from drastically changing the state of such equipment or amenities.
8. Do not enter any facilities except for those intended for customers except in emergencies or in the event of other circumstances in which doing so is unavoidable.
​​9. We may refuse accommodations to minors staying alone without the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s).
​​10. FACILITY refuses service to any of the following organizations or individuals:
​​a) Any designated organized crime groups and organized crime associations as set forth in the Act for the Prevention of Wrongful Acts by Members of Organized Crime Groups and any members or affiliates thereof, or any other anti-social forces (hereinafter, “Anti-Social Forces”)
​​b) Affiliates of any corporation or other organization for which business activities are managed by Anti-Social Forces
​​c) Individuals found to have engaged in violence, physical harm, threats, blackmail, intimidation, or other similar actions
​​d) Individuals who face difficulty securing their own safety for reasons such as unawareness of self due to diminished mental capacity or drug use, or individuals who may be a danger to other customers or incite feelings of fear or discomfort in other customers.
​​e) Intoxicated individuals, etc., trying to stay at FACILITY when such individuals may pose a nuisance to other customers or impede the operation of FACILITY, or when such individuals make troubling remarks or take unwanted actions toward other customers or employees of FACILITY.
​​f) Any person who fails to immediately stop any action in violation of the facility’s Terms of Service despite being warned by FACILITY.
11. In the event of damage, defiling, or loss of works of art, structures, furnishings, or other objects of FACILITY caused for any non-force majeure reason, FACILITY may have the customer compensate the cost thereof.

If we discover any behavior in violation hereof, we may ask you to leave.
In such event, the customer shall compensate financially for any damages for which they attributable.